Daycare at City Dogs

What happens at City Dogs Daycare?

City Dogs provides a fun and active environment while also fostering good manners and social skills. Daycare is divided into two groups based on size and play level. Dogs are in open play rooms all day to play freely for over 10 hours. Dogs can romp around on obstacles designed for the roughest rover. Staff are always in the rooms and engaged with the dogs playing with each other, giving belly rubs, and offering the occasional lap nap! Our facility is climate controlled, air filtered, and sanitized. We offer the opportunity for meals and snacks at your request. After lunch, dogs get some quiet time to listen to classical tunes and relax. Your dog can also have a neighborhood exercise walk after lunch.*

What to expect?

Our morning staff will greet you and your dog ready for play! Feel free to pack a lunch, dinner, or snack for your dog. At pick-up, we will retrieve your dog for you and provide you with a daycare report card about their activities for the day. After an energized play day, be prepared for a quiet night at home as your dog will want to find a cozy spot and relax from a full day of activity!

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